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Our services listed below can be utilized individually or in conjunction with each other.

Soft Collections Service

Soft collection is not only a collection service. It is an effective and inexpensive alternative to collecting those claims that are not delinquent for standard collection the moment on account is due, you can forward the relevent financial instrument to MDC with an advice to act on your behalf. This we do as safe keepers and collectors by depositing the same on the due dates to your respective bank account/s with advice to you.

Our soft collection service give you the opportunity to improve your cash flow significantly without intensive control activities at very low costs.

Debt Collections Overdue

Debt Collection is a step forward from the ultimate consequences of soft collection. Here, the severity of actions for realization of delinquent collections would take its course in an appropriate and an economical way. MDC specializes in formulating professionally structured negotiation processes for debt collection that result in enhancement of your cash flow, leveraged employees utilization, cost effective collections process and keeping good relations among all parties.

Pan Arabian & Overseas Debt Collection

Generally, we endeavour to collect overdue accounts in-house where the debtor is located within our specified active Pan Arabian or overseas territory. If in-house efforts prove unsuccessful, the claims will automatically be sent to our relevent forwarding agency in the country of the debtor, which will try to settle the case amicably. Should this also prove unsuccessful and the forwarding agency eventually recommends filing a suit, then our forwarding agency eventually recommends filing a suit, then our forwarding agency will provide us with the approximate cost of such actions. This information will be passed on to you. The decision remains with you as to whether or not pursue legal action.

Legal Services

With the help of our competent and experienced lawyers MDC offers all types of legal services i.e. Criminal actions, complaints in Real estate courts, labour issues, civil cases and other related legal services.

Skip Services

MDC enjoys the privilege of pioneering the introduction of Unique and effective skip tracing Services, it the location of your customer is known or he is absconded, we assist and trace such customers through over network of forwarding agencies comprising of competent team in this field.

Credit Information Services (Risk Bureau)

Since UAE is a saturated business area therfore, to keep in touch with the latest financial status of your existing customers. MDC will provide you with the market intelligence as well as the possibilities of extension of your business towards the potential customers through its "Risk Bureau" which is a comprehensive reporting system for Credit Information Services (CIS) updating you for the present financial status of your customers to help you making a right decision.

Solution Services Centre

In Call Centre including other marketing consultancy and related services MDC offers a complete program of financial planning to give a workable and practical Solutions to those customers (may be individual or corporate) who have indulge them in heavy debts by taking various loans i.e. personal loans, business and auto loans including credit cards from different banks. We help them in consolidating their debts, managing their credits, minimizing their installments and ultimately maximizing their cash flow.

Re-engineering of in house existing collection setup / establishing a new in house collection units

Inadequate collections process flow normally result in rapidly increasing default and disputed recovery cases, both in terms of amounts and number of defaulters. Collections Set-up service is primarily aimed for new companies whereas our service of Collections Re-Engineering is geared to existing troubled and inefficient collections set-ups. Collections Set-up/Re-Engineering is undertaken by MDC purely on project basis.


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